2018 was a quite dynamic year for the Archimedes company. First of all, it was actually founded in early March, and a lot of work was done in the following weeks.

The outcomes: we found our first customer – and actually our first supporter coming from the farming circles; we started a real-world demonstration of what we later called IrriGATE; we won a SME Instrument project, and eventually became one of the few chosen EU companies to be backed by the EC in their way to global market growth.

In a nutshell, we were ranked among the eight percent of the proposals coming from all over Europe that were approved by the Innovation Council. This percentage speaks quite clearly about the level of competition under the program. Just to complete the picture: when applying, our company had less than two months of history, zero activity and no external investment. What brought us success was nothing less than our groundbreaking idea, clear vision on market potential and top team.

And in the months after signing our contact with the EC in July, all three of those success-bringing assets evolved. It happened largely thanks to the EU coaching service available for selected SME Instrument beneficiaries and here I would like to thank personally our wonderful coach, Mr. Didier Tranchier (never get tired of doing this). Thanks to his insights and inspiration, we were able to translate the idea into the language of the new economy, to refine the go-to-market approach and most of all: to strengthen the Archimedes team.

Today, the IrriGATE technology is backed by a strong R&D unit, an experienced yet modern-thinking marketing professional, and a proven software developer. Interest in our irrigation management system is rising among Bulgarian farmers and we are looking at the new 2019-2020 agricultural season as the next step towards the Archimedes growth – both in terms of technology development and service implementation.
In brief, November 2018 brought us satisfaction with what we achieved over the past months, but also new challenges to be faced and new milestones to be hit. For that, we rely on you – yes you, our prospective customers and, hopefully, our future friends.

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