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Kamen Delibeev
Kamen Delibeev is the prime mover behind the Archimedes project since its very start in January 2018. An advisor with longstanding traction in working under various investment programmes, consisting of more than 40 successfully implemented projects, for Kamen, Archimedes – UDSS is not just a business venture but a cause.
Ivan Donkov
Ivan Donkov is a developer with enviable professional expertise, including as a EC subcontractor, and an experienced entrepreneur in the high-tech domain. Initially perceiving the IrriGATE concept as another technological challenge, today Ivan regards it as a chance for a better future for nature and mankind alike.
Dimitrina Dimitrova
Marketing Manager
Dimitrina is a professional with rich and diverse experience in the fields of digital marketing, HR in ICT, business development and administration, training, customer service. She strengthens and develops our online presence. Dimitrina considers IrriGATE as a meaningful cause for the environment.
Prof. Alexander Sadovski
Head of R&D
Prof. Alexander Sadovski is the author of the software prototype underlying the IrriGATE technology. Thanks to the efforts and energy exerted by Prof. Sadovski, the efficiency of that prototype has been tested and repeatedly proven on-field in the course of a series of experiments lasting more than 30 years.


Stoyan Pashkulov
Consultant Agricultural Practices
Stoyan Pashkulov is the first investor backing the Archimedes project and the first farmer implementing the IrriGATE technology in his holding. Stoyan’s practical experience and his knowledge in the field agriculture domain are priceless for our strive at the continuous improvement of the service we are offering.
Prof. Ilia Christov
Chief Scientific Officer
Prof. Ilia Christov is the scientist whom we owe the unique academic base which is the Archimedes project’s cornerstone. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that Prof. Christov has dedicated all of his professional life to the development we now call IrriGATE.