The environmental commitment of the Archimedes project is reflected in all aspects of our work.

The principles of resource efficiency and sustainable performance underlying our ‘IrriGATE’ technology are only one side of the coin. On the other side are the processes within our organization which are also subject to the notion that planet Earth is one and its resources are not infinite. That is why we:

  • Do not use paper in any case when there is a digital alternative;
  • When we have to fall back on paper, we use both sides of the sheet;
  • Collect separately the unnecessary papers and other waste related to our work separately;
  • Use office supplies in a smart way or (preferably) do not use such supplies at all;
  • Do not leave our PCs and other equipment turned on around the clock;
  • Prefer sunlight and heat while working (if heat’s too much, we air);
  • Reduce our travel by car and other environmentally harmful transport as much as possible;
  • Prefer discussing (and when possible, doing) our work outdoors;
  • Strive to work with partners who share our values in this direction.

If you are doing so too, thank you!

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